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Kerr Says Steph Curry’s Defensive Impact On Teams More Dramatic Than Jordan


Steve Kerr forgot to mention Steph Curry even once in his time with the microphone at the Warriors’ championship parade in Oakland, so this might be his way of paying ... Read More »

Steve Kerr Thinks Title-Winning Shot in ’97 Elevated His Status


It was 20 years ago when Steve Kerr basically gave Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls their 5th championship at the expense of the Utah Jazz on June 13, 1997. ... Read More »

Warriors Take 2-0 Finals Lead In Another Blowout Win Over Cavs


A different man at the helm, same result for Golden State. Steve Kerr made a return to the sidelines and the Warriors ran away with Game 2 of the NBA Finals ... Read More »

Steve Kerr ‘Not Well Enough’ To Coach Game 1 Of NBA Finals


Steve Kerr filled in for Mike Brown Monday at the Warriors’ practice but that will be just about it for Golden State’s head coach, at least for this week. Kerr ... Read More »

Steve Kerr: Trump is a ‘blowhard’ who ‘couldn’t be more ill-suited to be president’


Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich agree on at least one thing: President Donald Trump’s incompetence. Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, echoing the comments of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg ... Read More »

Warriors Expect Steve Kerr To Return To The Sidelines This Playoffs


Steve Kerr’s battle with back surgery complications will go on for a while but the Golden State Warriors feel they will have their head coach back sooner rather than later. ... Read More »

Shaq-JaVale McGee Beef Gets Ugly, Threats Exchanged Online


Shaquille O’Neal’s beef with other players are not exactly a state secret (Hello, Kobe!) and even though he’d like to brush some of them off as just for the media ... Read More »

Steve Kerr, Doc Rivers Make Fun Of Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer


Sarcasm runs deep in the NBA and if you’re someone as hated by popular people as Donald Trump (and whoever is working for him), you don’t lie about anything or ... Read More »

Chauncey Billups Talks About NBA’s Marijuana Policy and Use By Former Teammates


Discussions seeing the utilization of weed as a more secure pain-relief elective have turned out to be more common in the NBA since Golden State Warriors head mentor Steve Kerr ... Read More »

Steve Kerr Makes An Offer To Bucks fans


In a gesture to their stop here last season, Golden State’s MVP guard, Steph Curry, asked Warriors mentor Steve Kerr if any Milwaukee Bucks fans would appear in T-shirts inscribed ... Read More »