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March 5, 2016– 5 Interesting NBA Stats All From Twitter


1. Boston belongs. Longest home winning streaks in NBA this season: Spurs – 29 Warriors – 26 Celtics – 13 — CelticsLife.com (@CelticsLife) March 5, 2016 2. Mario Chalmers made some ... Read More »

March 3, 2016– 5 Crazy NBA Stats Of The Day


1. This got me SMH. Seriously, we’re running out of words Stephen Curry. Maybe the craziest Curry stat of Curry stats is how many of his 3-pointers have been blocked ... Read More »

Jeff Van Gundy Asks Oscar Robertson To Take Note As Steph Curry Casually Shoots Over Steven Adams


In an interview with NBA TV, Oscar Robertson is not a very big fan of today’s NBA players and coaches. That’s putting mildly. Naturally, modern bench tacticians like Steve Kerr ... Read More »

Phil Jackson Compares Stephen Curry To Someone You May Not Even Know


Unless you are living under the rock for the last seven days or so, you know that the mere mention of the name Stephen Curry will owe some ooohs and ... Read More »

Steve Kerr Scoffs At Oscar Robertson’s Critical Remarks

Feb. 20, 2015 - Oakland, CA, USA - The Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry (30) and head coach Steve Kerr react after the referee called a defensive foul against Curry in the first half against the San Antonio Spurs at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif., on Friday, Feb. 20, 2015

NBA legend Oscar Robertson is not a fan of today’s game, that’s to say the least, asserting that today’s coaches know nothing about defense and that the Golden State Warriors ... Read More »

Robert Horry: Prime Steph Is Offensively Better Than Prime Kobe


Kobe Bryant is the third leading scorer in NBA history and can probably get buckets even in his sleep. However, whatever Kobe can do offensively, Stephen Curry‘s skill set is better, ... Read More »

5 Crazy/Interesting NBA Stats Of The Day

Kings Hornets Basketball(6) (1)

1. KD has got it going on. Kevin Durant has scored 20-plus points in exactly 30 consecutive games now. 2. Steph is RIDICULOUS. Stephen Curry has made 204 three-pointers 42 ... Read More »

Davidson’s Jack Gibbs Trying To Catch Stephen Curry’s School Record


In Davidson’s 37-year history, only two players have scored at least 40 points for them. One is Stephen Curry, whom the majority of hoops fans acknowledge as the world’s best ... Read More »

Charles Barkley: I’ll Take Kawhi Leonard Over LeBron And Stephen Curry


Charles Barkley saying insane things are normal but either it’s making sense or not, he deserves a listening ear when he talks about basketball. Recently, at TNT, Barkley called Kawhi ... Read More »

Stephen Curry Is One BAD Man!


It seems like every game Stephen Curry plays, he is on a mission. And his highlights are getting ridiculous by the minute. Take this corner three-point shot against the Sacramento ... Read More »