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Stephen A. Smith Calls Kevin Durant “Arrogant” And “Disrespectful”


Stephen A. Smith and Kevin Durant are not exactly friendly with each other and with Durant heading into his second Finals appearance, the ESPN pundit has upped the animosity as ... Read More »

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN says James Harden was drugged

james harden game 7

After the Houston Rockets were wiped out from the playoffs with a 39-point whipping on their home court by the San Antonio Spurs, everyone wanted to know what happened to ... Read More »

Stephen A. Smith And LaVar Ball Go At It On First Take


Have you heard of double negation by any chance? You know, when you, say, multiply two negative things, the end result is a negative. (A logical principle according to which ... Read More »

Stephen A. Smith Voted Sports Media’s Most Annoying Person


Can’t stand his voice? His face? His everything? Don’t worry you’re not alone. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is the most annoying person in sports media. And you, the people have spoken. ... Read More »

Stephen A. Smith Goes All ‘Gangsta’ On Kevin Durant

Stephen A. Smith

Love him or hate him, Stephen A. Smith is going to talk no matter what. Earlier, Smith reported a rumor he heard about Kevin Durant considering the Los Angeles Lakers ... Read More »