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For Kevin Durant, 2001 Lakers Would Be Warriors’ Biggest Challenge


The Golden State Warriors is inarguably the best basketball team of this era, having won two of the last three championships. And with Kevin Durant in tow, the Warriors are ... Read More »

NBA 2K18 Reveals Lakers All-Time Team And Its Looking Unstoppable


NBA 2K18 adds another layer to the game by including all-time teams and recently, they tweeted out what the Los Angeles Lakers roster will look like. #NBA2K18 will feature “all-time” ... Read More »

Shaq Trolls Recently-Retired Danny Crawford On Twitter


NBA referee Danny Crawford announced his retirement earlier this week and Shaquille O’Neal couldn’t help but take a slight dig at the legendary official. The former Los Angeles Lakers big man ... Read More »

Shaq Says LeBron Is A Combination Of Himself, MJ, And Magic

LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal has sung LeBron James’ praises but this could be the highest of possibly many more to come. In an interview with Cleveland.com’s Joe Vardon, Shaq thinks LeBron’s game ... Read More »

Shaq Shows Ugly-Looking Foot On ‘Inside The NBA’


I never expected Shaquille O’Neal’s feet to look pretty but I had no idea it was that ugly. On Inside The NBA, Shaq decided to peel off his shoe and reveal ... Read More »

Chuck, Shaq Anoint Kawhi Leonard As NBA’s 2nd Best Player Behind LeBron


Charles Barkley has been raving about Kawhi Leonard for the past two years and now he has a giant confirmation about this whole ‘best player in the NBA’ thing. After ... Read More »

Shaq Pays For Funeral Of Boy Who Accidentally Killed Himself On IG Live


Shaquille O’Neal has done it again and no, it’s not about Javale Mcgee. After the former NBA superstar heard that Malachi Nasi Hemphill accidentally shot and killed himself Monday night, he ... Read More »

Shaq Places Himself Ahead Of Wilt Chamberlain On All-Time Centers List


Shaquille O’Neal is never known to bite his tongue so one moment, probably with a little time on his hands, he dropped a list of the best big men of all ... Read More »

Shaq’s Mom Tells Him To Leave JaVale McGee Alone


Shaquille O’Neal‘s Twitter beef with JaVale McGee comes to an end because of orders from “above.” No, not God or Adam Silver, it’s his mom Lucille. “I have orders from ... Read More »

Shaq-JaVale McGee Beef Gets Ugly, Threats Exchanged Online


Shaquille O’Neal’s beef with other players are not exactly a state secret (Hello, Kobe!) and even though he’d like to brush some of them off as just for the media ... Read More »