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Kerr Says Steph Curry’s Defensive Impact On Teams More Dramatic Than Jordan


Steve Kerr forgot to mention Steph Curry even once in his time with the microphone at the Warriors’ championship parade in Oakland, so this might be his way of paying ... Read More »

Bill Laimbeer Says LeBron James Is Better Than Michael Jordan


LeBron James paid a heartfelt homage to Michael Jordan after he surpassed his Airness as the all-time leading scorer in NBA playoff history in the Cavs Game 5 demolition job ... Read More »

Hornets Will Wear Jordan Brand Uniforms For Next Season


It does pay to play for Michael Jordan. As Nike takes over Adidas as the NBA’s official uniform supplier next season, Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets will be the only team to ... Read More »

Todays NBA practice laughable for Michael Jordan

Sitting players for rest is a norm in NBA now is a laughable practice to prior-generation superstars Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing. Hall of Famers Jordan, who now owns the ... Read More »

Michael Jordan Told Rip Hamilton He’s Not Good Enough To Play In Jordans


Rip Hamilton had the privilege of playing with Michael Jordan in the Washington Wizards but as the 2004 NBA champ said, being with Mike is a two-edged sword. Hamilton recalled ... Read More »

Isiah Thomas Trolls Michael Jordan And Tar Heels After Hoosiers Victory Over UNC


Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan will never be the best of friends and that won’t change anytime soon. After Indiana University’s big 77-67 win over UNC, Zeke held out a ... Read More »

Manu Ginobili Tells A Funny Story About His ‘Showdown’ With Michael Jordan


If you happen to pick up a basketball in the 90’s, I’d bet my house and wife you probably revered one name: Michael Jordan. Manu Ginobili, for example, is in ... Read More »

Barack Obama Roasts Michael Jordan And Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Among the 21 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday were basketball legends Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. As what he always does, President Barack Obama introduced them ... Read More »

No Surprise Why Jordan Is Inducting Russ into the Oklahoma HOF


Ten years prior, Russell Westbrook was getting ready for his first year at UCLA. That same summer, Michael Jordan was getting ready to end up an NBA proprietor. Right around ... Read More »

Steve Kerr Thinks Michael Jordan Might Have Won More Titles If Twitter Exists Back Then


Michael Jordan is the ultimate competitor and one that will never back off a challenge, especially on a basketball court. IN fact, as a salute to Jordan’s thirst for taking ... Read More »