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Magic Johnson returning to NBA as Lakers Adviser


On Thursday, Magic Johnson returned to Los Angeles Lakers as an Adviser, possibly marking a change in the power structure of the 16-time NBA champion franchise. Johnson, one of the ... Read More »

NBA Personalities Read More Mean Tweets


Words can definitely sting but sometimes, no matter how hurtful those can get, it’s simply better to laugh it off. NBA personalities from Steph Curry to Magic Johnson to Dikembe ... Read More »

March 15, 2016– 5 Interesting NBA Stats Of The Day


1. Russ and Dray is 2016 version of Magic and Jordan. Magic and Michael had 17 and 15 triple-doubles, respectively, in 1989. This season was the first time since ’89 ... Read More »

Magic Johnson: Ben Simmons The Best Since LeBron James


Magic Johnson is an outspoken guy and if he talks about something basketball related, it’s worth listening to. “Magic” recently chimed in and gave his two cents about LSU Tigers ... Read More »

Basketball Analyst Compares Ben Simmons To Magic And LeBron

ben simmons lsu

Ben Simmons hasn’t played a single minute of college basketball yet, much less the NBA, but experts are ready to anoint him as the next big thing in professional basketball. ... Read More »

Kevin Durant Names All-Time Starting 5 (And Doesn’t Include Himself)


Kevin Durant is in Madrid right now promoting his shoe, the KD 8, and like most international trips, he’s bound to get asked a few questions. One of the more ... Read More »

Watch More NBA Personalities Read Mean Tweets


One of the many “perks” of being famous is you will never have a shortage of haters. Haters gonna hate, right? And in this day and age of endless social ... Read More »