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Klay Thompson Will Buy Team A Toaster If They 16-0


Klay Thompson has signed a fan’s toaster on March 13 and for some unexplained reason, the Warriors has gone on to win every game but one since that time, including ... Read More »

Zaza Pachulia continue to find hilarious ways to poke fun at each other


The Warriors’ Klay Thompson and Zaza Pachulia have a strong and entertaining friendship going. It’s been going on for some time already, since Golden state is a tight-knit team, but ... Read More »

Klay “The Toaster” Thompson finishes with 41 points on 13/24 shooting, Warriors roll to 12th straight win


The Warriors won their 12th consecutive game Tuesday led by Klay Thompson’s game-high 41 points, clobbered the Minnesota Timberwolves 121-107 Tuesday night at Oracle Arena. And he shot well because ... Read More »

Fan Asks Warriors’ Klay Thompson To Sign His… Toaster?


Athletes are often asked to sign the most bizarre things but in Klay Thompson’s recent case, a fan asked him to sign his toaster. Seriously. So if you’re wondering what ... Read More »

Klay Thompson steals Stephen Curry’s Ball during his pregame ritual


If there is one thing we know about Klay Thompson, it’s that he likes to shoot the basketball. He’s proven it during his NBA career. He really likes to shoot. ... Read More »

Klay Thompson Got Away With A Travel But His Teammates Called It


This is how you know the team is doing well, perhaps even too well: That’s when your own teammates call a travel on you. In the middle of the blowout ... Read More »

Klay Thompson Left Javale McGee Hanging So He Did Something About It


Here’s a lesson for you Klay Thompson: You don’t leave Javale McGee hanging. Like ever. Because apparently, he has no problem taking matters into his own hands. (No pun intended.) ... Read More »

Rumor Starter Brian Scalabrine Hid From Klay Thompson In Boston


Around November, Brian Scalabrine started a rumor about the Golden State Warriors looking to trade Klay Thompson to Boston. The “White Mamba” has no inside info whatsoever but that rumor ... Read More »

Grizzlies winning regardless of injuries, youth, close games


The Grizzlies have won six consecutive winning streak, and are coming off an impressive 21-point home win over the Warriors.. You’d think they’d need to keep things rolling when they ... Read More »

Klay Thompson Had Himself A 60-Point Night, Internet Goes Crazy


The Golden State Warriors like to set records and unfortunately for the Indiana Pacers, Klay Thompson decided it’s going to be his night. Thompson dropped an NBA season-high 60 points ... Read More »