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Steve Kerr Thinks Title-Winning Shot in ’97 Elevated His Status

Steve Kerr Thinks Title-Winning Shot in ’97 Elevated His Status

It was 20 years ago when Steve Kerr basically gave Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls their 5th championship at the expense of the Utah Jazz on June 13, 1997. If by some reason you didn’t remember the shot, here it is:

Kerr has a big smile on his face every time he remembers the moment. The Warriors head coach called it ‘a relative life-changer’ and the “signature moment” of his career.

Per Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson, the 5-time NBA champion as a player went as far as saying that shot elevated his status throughout the league.

“I for sure believe that shot helped me get my TNT (broadcasting) job,” Kerr said. “I was a role player up until that point. You want to be a television analyst — especially for TNT — right away after you retire (because) it’s a pretty big-time job. Most of the guys who get those jobs, if you think about it, are Hall of Famers — Reggie Miller, Chris Webber, Charles Barkley.

“People wouldn’t have known who I was really unless I had gotten to play with the Bulls and had some good moments. I think that shot elevated my status. To that point, I was basically a guy who had stuck around the league for a while, made a career, but hadn’t really done much. That’s one of those moments that people remember.”

Kerr is known for his humility and self-deprecation. There’s an element of both in play here.

“I get people all the time coming up to me and telling me what a great player I was — the legend grows,” he said. “You make a shot like that and you’re remembered as a way better player than you actually were.”

If the Warriors get the job done ni Game 5, Kerr and his team will be forever remembered for one thing: BEING CHAMPIONS.

AP Photo/Chicago Sun-Times, Tom Cruze



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