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NCAA Does Away With Boring ‘No Dunking’ Rule

NCAA Does Away With Boring ‘No Dunking’ Rule

The basketball gods are smiling right now and for good reason.

Amidst the NCAA rule changes to be implemented next season, the association is doing away the silly, and somehow eyebrow-raising, rule about the forbiddance of dunking during pre-game and dead ball situations.

Before, according to Section 4, Class B, Article 1e of the NCAA men’s college basketball rulebook, any team member who dunks or attempts to dunk a dead ball before or during the game as well as during any intermission will result in his team receiving a technical foul and the opposing team being awarded two free throws.

This fall, teams will no longer have to worry about being penalized for dunking during pregame or halftime warmups because the NCAA will repeal its ban on bounce.

That’s good news for fans, who will get to see some of their favorite high-flying aerialists put on a show, as well as for teams who lose track of time. Last season, North Florida was assessed a technical foul after a player dunked in warmups and Tennessee Tech made both freebies. The Ospreys went on to lose that game by two points.



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