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NBA Teams That Need A Trade To Make The Playoff Push

NBA Teams That Need A Trade To Make The Playoff Push

As the NBA season moves on into the 2017 year, NBA groups are investing more energy peering toward the pending exchange due date. While there is still time for groups to perceive how things play out and measure their choices, there are 5 groups that could truly profit by making a move at the exchange due date, in time for a playoff push.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls are a mystery and somewhat disappointing. Chicago thought it made a wonderful move when they signed Rajon Rondo, but Rondo has been off in ChiTown and his recent benching signifies that the organization has soured on the Rondo-experiment.

Regardless, the Bulls are currently in a narrow lead for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference and a trade could help bolster their playoff chances and give them a better shot at competing.

Would any team be willing to take Rondo? That remains to be seen but Chicago would be wise to look to Brooklyn for help. Offering Taj Gibson may be more appealing for any team looking to do business with Chicago.

But Brooklyn could offer a solution in Brook Lopez. Another dismal season should have the Nets looking to unload some talent for assets and the Bulls should be interested.

Acquiring Lopez would allow Chicago to push his brother, Robin, to a spot on the bench where he is better suited and give Brook an opportunity to man the paint, giving Chicago an added element to their offensive attack.

New York Knicks

Just ahead of the Chicago Bulls in the Playoff Standings is the New York Knicks, a team that needs to address a void in the backcourt if they want to make any noise in the NBA Playoffs.

Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic offers the Knicks a true point guard that is also familiar with head coach Jeff Hornacek. The transition of Dragic to New York could be quite smooth, making a deal with Miami that much more interesting for the Knicks.

The Heat should be looking to sell at the deadline and could use some attractive assets to help continue a rebuild.

Sacramento Kings

Don’t look now but the Sacramento Kings are in the Western Conference playoff picture, as of now.

Despite all of the DeMarcus Cousins drama, the Kings are somehow competitive for a playoff spot. Sacramento is also in an interesting spot as they could both buy and sell at the deadline. They have made no secret that Rudy Gay is available and the Kings have a desperate need for scoring from the backcourt.

Phoenix Suns guard Brandon Knight seems lost in Arizona and could be available. His name has already been mentioned in numerous trade scenarios and Sacramento would be wise to look to Knight as their solution.
Knight’s scoring capability could give the Kings the push they need to lock up a playoff spot, believe it or not.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Russell Westbrook’s amazing season may cloud the fact that the Oklahoma City Thunder are hovering around the 6th or 7th seed in the West. Westbrook needs help and the Thunder need to give him some at the deadline.

Milwaukee’s Greg Monroe could be a solid frontcourt addition that could also give OKC some defensive help as well.

While Monroe has found his groove with the Bucks this season, Milwaukee may still be interested in dealing him. If so, Oklahoma City should be the first team on the phone. Adding Monroe will provide help across the board and give Westbrook another young player to play off.

Houston Rockets

Remember when I mentioned the Sacramento Kings being sellers as well as buyers? Well, trading Rudy Gay is what Sacramento is determined to do and the Houston Rockets seem like a great fit.

Sure, Trevor Ariza has played well in Houston but Rudy Gay would be an instant upgrade, while giving Houston a legit #2 to James Harden. Gay’s 18.5 ppg average would be welcome for a Houston team that is currently a 3rd seed in the West.

Adding Gay would make them a more potent team heading into the playoffs while giving them a better chance to compete with the likes of the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs.



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