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Mad Miami Heat Fans Lashed Out On Twitter As Their Playoff Hopes Faded

The Miami Heat needed to win and get losses from the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls to parlay their improbable midseason comeback into a playoff appearance. They did their part by beating the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night, but the Pacers and Bulls also both handled business.

Neither of Miami’s eighth-seed competitors faced steep competition. The Brooklyn Nets sat their regulars in a 112-73 loss, but Heat fans probably weren’t expecting help from the NBA’s worst team. Unfortunately for them, the Atlanta Hawks rested up for the playoffs by benching their key starters in a 104-86 shortcoming to Indiana.

Furious Heat fans apparently thought the Hawks’ social media team decided to give Dwight Howard and Paul Millsap a breather. They lashed out at the team’s Twitter account, which laughed at their anger (above):

The Crying Jordan section of the Twitter mentions was particularly strong on this night.

Movie references are always a good pick, too.

Of course, someone had to bring up a bit of old history with another Atlanta sports team.

The Nets, who defeated the Bulls on Saturday, also received some flak for not putting their best foot forward:

After Miami overcame a 11-30 start and won its final three games, it’s frustrating for Heat fans to see their team fall short due to outside apathy. Yet complaining to strangers who run Twitter pages won’t solve anything.



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