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Latrell Sprewell On Reggie Miller: ‘He’s A Flopper’

Latrell Sprewell On Reggie Miller: ‘He’s A Flopper’

Latrell Sprewell has mostly been under the radar these last few years, which is really hard to do if you’re wearing golden dreadlocks. But earlier this week, Spree showed up in a live podcast in Milwaukee with actor Michael “Bozo The Clown” Rapaport.

The mercurial swing man talked about a lot of things– including being genuine and how he never got over the 1999 NBA Finals– but what registered the most was his hate on Indiana Pacers guard Reggie Miller. Sprewell, whose Knicks beat Miller’s Pacers en route to said Finals trip, said:

“Reggie is a talker. The thing I hated about him is he was a flopper,” Sprewell said. “He’ll just flop and I am like, ‘Stop flopping, man.’ You can’t touch him, he’s always at the free throw line. But you have to respect Reggie, he’s always running around screens, and if you left him open, he’s going to knock down shots. You just have to be careful how you guard him because if you touched him, he’s going to act like he got shot out of a cannon.”

Miller has always admitted about his penchant to sell calls exceedingly and Sprewell’s comments are just additional brushstrokes to an otherwise finished painting. Even so, describing Miller’s flopping antics as ‘getting shot out of a cannon’ is definitely hilarious, which you can expect from a wild spirit like Sprewell.

One more question, though: Is he still thinking about the $7-$10 million per year contract he turned down in Minnesota in 2004?




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