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Kelsey Plum, Chantel Osahor Returns As Washington’s 1-2 Punch

Kelsey Plum, Chantel Osahor Returns As Washington’s 1-2 Punch

There are no personalities as opposite as Kelsey Plum and Chantel Osahor but they’ll be returning as the top two players for University of Washington’s women’s basketball team.

“That’s who they are,” Washington women’s basketball coach Mike Neighbors said. “That’s their relationship. And not everybody has those relationships.

 “It’s very, very unique. It’s fun to coach. And I brought them in the office afterward. We talked about it. I said the three of us in here, we get it. But nobody else gets it. They truly have become sisters. That’s just where they’ve come. And it’s fine.”

Admittedly, Plum and Osahor are as different as fire and ice — which aptly describes their personalities.

“I’m not one to open up too quickly at all,” said Osahor, a 6-foot-2 forward from Phoenix with a steely cool demeanor.

She’s still not entirely comfortable with her newfound fame after helping the Huskies to their first NCAA tournament Final Four run last season.

And then there’s the outgoing Plum, who “starts conversations and laughs with strangers.”

Their basketball personas are also starkly opposite.

Plum, a 5-8 guard who is in constant motion, has carved out a record-breaking scoring career with her brilliant shot-making while Osahor — a more stationary force — became a YouTube sensation and fan favorite with her unorthodox three-point shot.

Both set school records last season. Plum is first on UW’s all-time (2,418 points) and season (960) scoring lists while Osahor set the season rebounding (417) mark.

“The majority of the baskets that we score, the other had something to do with it,” Plum said. “Whether she hit me on a cut or she set the screen for me to get open. Or I threw it back to her for a trail three.

“We’re usually right there for each other. We are super different, but that’s what makes it hard to guard. It’s like a 1-2 punch, but it’s way different punches.”

Photo: Johnny Andrews/The Seattle Times



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