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NCAA Men’s March Madness – BH Predictions


With just one week to go until Selection Sunday, the NCAA men’s tournament picture is slowly becoming clearer. Heavy favorites such as Kentucky, Wisconsin and Gonzaga continue to roll, but ... Read More »

No. 25 Northwestern Takes on No. 5 Maryland


When you think of good teams in NCAA Women’s Basketball, you probably don’t even consider the Northwestern Wildcats. For years the program struggled, and they remained an afterthought to most ... Read More »

WNBA: What Can We Expect in 2015


The 2015 WNBA season tips off June 5th. The league is so blessed to have some highly-talented teams and players to appeal to a new generation of WNBA fans. The ... Read More »

NCAA Women’s Early Conference Play


A Look at the NCAA Women’s Basketball Season so Far It has been a very exciting year so far in NCAA women’s basketball. With conference play well under way, we ... Read More »

2015 NBA X Factors

The NBA, as the saying goes, is a league of stars. That much is certainly true. But for all their glittering star power, the best teams rarely get to the ... Read More »

NBA’s 2nd Half Predictions


With nearly half of the season in the books, the NBA landscape is beginning to come into sharper focus. The Golden State Warriors are really, really good at basketball, the ... Read More »

MVP Race Underway

Ok. We can all see it. It’s written across the sky, the universe is singing high praises. The angels are playing their instruments. The standouts this year are becoming obvious. ... Read More »

Sounding Off: New Reign in 2015

When you hear the NBA come up in general conversation, the first names that come to mind are Kobe, LeBron, or Duncan. Not this season. The youngstas are showing up ... Read More »

At 30 Has LeBron Reached His Prime?


Twelve seasons. One thousand thirty-two games. Forty-one thousand one hundred and ninety-eight minutes, give or take. No matter how you break down the numbers, it all adds up to one ... Read More »

NCAA Men’s Conference Play


The first two months of the men’s college basketball season are in the books, and the national landscape looks no more settled than it did eight weeks ago. The start ... Read More »