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Brandon Ingram with the nasty 1-Handed Dunk

Brandon Ingram with the nasty 1-Handed Dunk

After a rough first half of the season, Los Angeles Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram has come on for the Lakers. The forward has shot above 50 percent from the field over his last 15 games while scoring 14 points per game and showing increased aggression while attacking the basket.

The New Orleans Pelicans gave their seldom-used rookie some extended run Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Lakers. At the end of the the third quarter, Brandon Ingram flushed a one-handed dunk all over the former Kansas Jayhawk.

Los Angeles, in danger of forfeiting its lottery pick to the Philadelphia 76ers if it lands outside of the top three, led 84-73 after Ingram’s lethal slam.

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Ingram’s yell after the dunk could be heard a few rows up even amidst the roars of fans, and it seems unlikely he’s going to be challenged at the rim as frequently next season as defenders start to realize the only thing that comes of that is ending up on the wrong end of a poster.



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