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Ben Simmons: I’ll Be Ready When I’m Ready

Ben Simmons: I’ll Be Ready When I’m Ready

Basketball fans, especially from Philadelphia, may have heard the rumor about how Ben Simmons might opt to sit out his whole rookie season after the foot injury he suffered in the off-season. If we want to hear from the guy himself, he says there’s no truth to that.

Via Jessica Amarato of CSN Philly, Simmons waived off previous reports about him or his team looking to take it slow with the injury.

“I’d love to play, definitely,” Simmons said of the 2016-17 season. “As soon as I can get out there, I’d love to play.”

Simmons did not give an anticipated return date. He is expected to miss three months with the injury, which involved one screw in the injured bone. Neither the team nor the rookie are in a rush.

“There’s no timetable on getting healthy,” he said. “I’m working every day to get back and as soon as they tell me I can play is when I’ll be out there.”

While the idea of sitting out Simmons sounds like a good idea, it looks like the Sixers is way past the tanking mode. They will look to incorporate the teenage phenom in the scheme of things as soon as he can and see what he can bring to the table.

There’ll be no rush but there’s no holding back once he’s ready, either. Sounds like a plan to me.

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