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Asia Taylor Dominates In WNBL, Will Return To WNBA With Mystics

Asia Taylor Dominates In WNBL, Will Return To WNBA With Mystics

Asia Taylor has not played in a WNBA arena in nearly two years but he’s on her way there, thanks to a dominant showing in Australia’s WNBL.

In 2014 she was drafted in the third round for Minnesota Lynx on the back of impressive high school and college basketball careers.

Playing 22 games and two play-offs Taylor had an incredible rookie year, but in 2015 she did not make an appearance in the league.

Last year she received a late call-up for Connecticut Suns, the four games she played helping to re-focus and motivate the young guard to continue to play at the highest level.

Fast forward to now, having been named six times in the WNBL team of the week and claimed two player of the week awards, Taylor has been a dominant force for the Flames.

She has become a key target for the opposition and a crowd favourite in a team that battled with so many injuries in the middle of their 2016/17 campaign.

Those performances have seen her signed for the looming WNBA season, where she will line up with big names Kristy Toliver and Elena Delle Donne at Washington Mystics.

Over the moon to have reached the original goal, being signed has become the cherry on top of such a successful season for Taylor at the Flames, who are minor premiers with a home advantage heading into the semi-finals.

“I had no idea Washington was interested and I think Washington would be a good place for me to come into my own and make a name for myself again in the league,” Taylor said.

Moving back into the WNBA format will prove a very different experience then Taylor has had here during summer, with so much attention surrounding her game.

“I’m excited about the fact that [Washington] have such big names, people won’t worry about me,” she said.

“Here in Australia I’m on everybody’s scouting report, it’s like ‘you gotta stop Asia, you gotta foul her, you gotta do all this stuff’, so I get to go on a team where I’m not the most important.

“Buckets I get are going to be a lot easier, it’s going to be easier to just do what I do, so thankful to them getting all the attention and I’ll just take some open lay-ups for sure.”

Photo: G Tripp/Flames Photos



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