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5 Interesting Stats Of The Day

5 Interesting Stats Of The Day

Have another dose of crazy/interesting NBA stats.

1. Miami Turning Up The Heat On D

One year from the LeBron James divorce, the Heat is a mess. Two years? Not so much. Dwyane Wade and company finally found an identity for themselves– that on the defensive end. As of November 25, Miami is the league’s best in defensive rating (94.0), just a hairline above the San Antonio Spurs (94.1).

2. Jeremy Lamb’s Improvement

Jeremy Lamb is one of those players that has “potential” written all over him but can’t seem to turn the corner over the past few years playing behind Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. In Charlotte, however, Lamb is currently one of the league’s most improved.

The high-flying swing man currently has the best improvement in effective FG% (eFG% = (FGM + (0.5 * 3PM)) / FGA). Last year, Lamb eFG% is at 49.2%, good for 161st in the whole NBA. This season he is at No. 5 overall with 60.4% eFG%, an increase of over 11 per cent.

3. Marcus The X-Factor?

As far as the 2014 NBA Draft is concerned, Marcus Smart is mentioned less frequently than batch mates Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, or even Julius Randle. But among those three, only the Oklahoma State product has seen the post-season in his first year. What’s more fascinating however, is the Celtics’ record when he is starting and when he’s not.

When Smart starts, Celtics has gone 30-16 while settling at 18-32 in the times he didn’t. Crazy, right?

4. Sixers Not So Bad

Philadelphia is the only winless team so far this season at 0-16, but a closer at their last three games show they might not be that bad after all. In the past three games combined, the Sixers have lead almost 3/4 of the time (73.4% exactly) before blowing out those leads in the final minutes on each.

5. What’s plaguing the Clippers? Their horrible BENCH.

Blake Griffin is a monster all year long while Chris Paul is routinely doing CP3 things, so why is the Clippers sitting at 7-8? It might be their bench.

Jamal Crawford and the trio of new acquisitions supposedly brought to bolster an anemic bench (Josh Smith, Lance Stephenson, and Paul Pierce) has combined for a measly 0.1 win shares. Stephenson, Smith, and Pierce currently has negative offensive win shares.

Photo Credit: (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)



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